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“Stones are stronger in groups. Same with people: they are stronger together”(Go proverb).

White Ribbon Employer Accreditation awarded

Curtin University

The Autism Academy 

Go Ninja! Teaching Go alongside robotics and coding as part of the Coder Dojo as part of the Autism Academy.

Editor at Curtin University Postgraduate Humanities Conference 

August 2012 -Editor for the conference proceedings from the Postgraduate Humanities Conferences at Curtin University: “Just write it!” (2011) and “The Truth is Out there” (2012) published by Black Swan Press.

Western Australian Global Issue Group Representative, Australian Greens, Feb 2015-present

The Global Issue Group represents the Australian Greens in matters pertaining to both Asia Pacific Greens Federation and Global Greens. As a WA representative, I attend a monthly online meeting and report to the National Working Group.

Permanent representative of the Swan Regional group, Western Australia, Australian Greens, June 2014-present

As a permanent representative of the Swan Regional Group, I attend monthly meetings of the Council and report on consensus and decision made at the Swan group, as well as participate in the decision-making of the WA council group.

Executive Committee Member NTEU, May 2012- May 2014

Member of the executive committee of National Tertiary Education Union at Curtin University Branch.

Blue Stockings Week , 11-15 August 2014


Organized a Blue Stocking Week sundowner at the John Curtin Gallery to celebrate participation of women in higher education and to highlight existing barriers, such as per-conceptions and attitudes. Their stories shared Prof. Dora Marinova, Dr Shamim Samani and Vice of Curtin University Chancellor Deborah Terry.

Presenter at Conservation Council presentation, 24th July 2013

Presenter at the Conservation Council of Western Australia.
“Migrants and Nature: Migrants’ views on Environmental Activism in Western Australia
City West Lotteries House 2 Delhi Street, West Perth, Western Australia 6005

Delegate at NTEU Women’s Conference

NTEU National Office, 120 Clarendon St, Southbank VIC 3008 Australia

20th July, 2013

Speaker at John Curtin Institute for Public Policy (Curtin Corner)

on Who Cares? Attitudes to Migration in Western Australia

Curtin University, Perth, WA

19th July 2013

Presenter at The Science of Stelarc” symposium

on “Eavesdropping a Message in a Bottle

18th June 2013

Western Australian academic representative and a Committee member at NTEU 

May 2012 -May 2013

Elected member of the Women Action Committee of the National Tertiary Education Union and a representative for Western Australia women’s academic staff.

Conference Facilitator

Lyceum Club International Congress, Duxton Hotel, Perth 2013

Facilitated a workshop titled “Who is a migrant” for the Perth International Congress for the Lyceum club  (the Karrakatta Club). Below is the feedback I have received:

“Members were especially pleased with the workshop on migration and it received an extremely positive feedback from all participants”

Editor at Curtin University Postgraduate Humanities Conference

August 2012 -Present

Editor for the conference proceedings from the Postgraduate Humanities Conferences at Curtin University: “Just write it!” (2011) and “The Truth is Out there” (2013) published by Black Swan Press.

Translator at Eastern Spirit

March 2010 -Present (3 years 5 months)

Subbing movies and TV dramas from the Asia-Pacific for an online community “Eastern Spirit” which aims to promote the rich Asian culture and its values of aesthetics, patience, diligence and striving towards harmony.

Eastern Spirit” is a non-for-profit community of students, professionals, linguists and everyone else who has developed a fascination about the ancient history and modern culture of Asia, and more-specifically the Asia-Pacific region. By working together with others, including the Korean Embassy in Bulgaria, it translated creating the largest catalogue of Asian-Pacific Movies in Bulgaria.

Website (in Bulgarian)

Fremantle 2009: Community Visioning Project

May-July 2013

Participated in Fremantle Community Visioning Project launched in Fremantle Town Hall and subsequent workshops/seminar. More information here and here.

2029 Visions of Perth discussions at City of Perth

April-May 2013

The Strategic Community Plan is now available form the city of Perth website.

Gov Jammer (Global Gov Jam)

4-6th June 2013

“Only 48 hours to rock the public sector”

Participated in the Perth GovJam  with the project BANG! : Track and manage your consumption of resources. Change your life, change the future, keep the change!  It is a proposed application that collects and tracks your use of non-renewable resources in your home. Set a benchmark for your home, receive alerts when you approach your daily limit, and find ways to live more sustainably.

Service Jammer (Global Service Jam)

February 2013

Participated in the Perth Service Jam  with the project “Grow while you Go!” aimed at better services for the public transport, especially light rail. 

Sustainabiltiy Jammer (Global Sustainability Jam)

November 2012

48 Hours to Save the world!

This creative event brought together creative and passionate people from all over the world to find new experimental ways to save the world in an energetic, global, face-to-face event. It was held simultaneously in over 60 cities in November. Creating brand-new real-world designs, projects and initiatives inspired to make a difference. This year’s theme: ((heart))beats and sustainability.

The project I was involved was called “Shared” aimed at experimental ways of repairing community’s disconnections caused by individualism and over-consumerism.

Work Experience Intern at BBC World Service (London)

January 2004 -February 2004 (2 months)

Translating news and short bulletins into Bulgarian.

Radio-Producer (Wellington Access Radio)

Wellington Access Radio, Wellington (New Zealand)   

Volunteering for a community radio-station in Wellington. Delivering a live broadcast show. In my spare time, also producing a science-fiction audio novel, that won silver medal for best science fiction radio-drama from the Mark Time Awards by a panel that included Grammy-award winner Phil Proctor. (Silver Medal, Mark Time Award, USA, 2001).

Baduk (Go) player at Perth Go Club

Since October 2001

Enthusiastic player of Go (Japanese), Baduk (Korean) game, the oldest board game in the world. Comprised of 19 by 19 cross points and black and white stones, this simple ruled game takes a lifetime to master. Requires high level of strategic and holistic approach.

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